4 Important Things For New Bloggers

Hi guys, so I thought I should do a post about my blogging challenges. I am a new blogger and have not been blogging for up to a month and I started facing challenges.


One thing I like doing is helping other people, so I hope this post helps people who are facing these challenges or if you know someone facing them, you can share this with them.


I still face some of these now but I have found some solutions that have been a big help. My challenges are:

  • Losing motivation when writing.
  • Fear of going live on a camera.


And some other things I feel I should share with new bloggers are: Authenticity and Lending a hand.



Whenever I get a topic and say I want to write everything I can about this and empty my heart’s content about this. Mostly, I lose the motivation I started with and I start to feel bad about myself. Sometimes I have called myself useless or dumb. For example, I thought of writing an eBook and when I got to page 3, I just lost it and I’m what some people might call stoic and people around me try to get me to talk more and share more. I started my blog because I have been learning about Digital and Social Media Marketing for quite some time now so that I can pay for my own college and I wanted to share the things that I learn in this field of work with people and businesses.

When I think of the reasons why I lose motivation, I would say because after I publish a post, and advertise it on my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, I start checking my analytics and no one would come to read it.


What I started doing that kept my motivation level up is watching motivational videos on YouTube. I also listened to the audios. Like for real, these are the best. These can get you up from anything. I will share my favorite YouTube channel for motivational videos, but of course, there are many other out there.






I like these because they are compilations from many different sources and they have really good background music. There is also an app that I found on the App Store and it provides new motivational videos every day. It’s called Motivate and you can click the name to go to the App Store to download it.


You can also search for motivational speakers directly, the best ones, in my opinion, are Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar (may his soul Rest In Peace), Eric Thomas, and Art Williams.

So this has helped me in other areas and pushed me to start my business and focus more on my future.


Remember that motivation isn’t something you have, It’s something you work for every day. Also, one last thing for motivation is to surround yourself with good people who are ambitious or you surround yourself with nobody.



So this is one thing I still have not done but I would like to talk about it. So one of the most helpful to get more traffic and audience is to go on Camera. You can choose to start a YouTube channel, go live on Facebook and Instagram every day. I am scared of doing this because I have been a loner emotionally for the most part of my life. No one ever really saw my point of view so I stayed away from people. One of my goals for 2017 is to start going live, speak at public events, and talk to more people. In fact, I have been saying Hello to one new person every day for the past couple of months to build up my self-esteem.



One thing I have noticed about some new bloggers is that they steal content from other blogs and use it as theirs. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a difference between stealing content and reading other people’s content to understand the subject matter and come up with your own words for it. People are smart and can tell when you’re lying, especially online.


Just always aim for authenticity, write your own words and try to get people to see your own point of view. Everything I post are the things that I have done and if I haven’t done something, I take from other blogs and let whoever is reading know that the part they just read was from a source that is not me.


Write about something you are passionate about. For me, that is helping other people. Now, this is a lot of branches to follow. I love programming so I teach newbies how to program. I love how you can use marketing to grow businesses, so I write posts giving tips to people on how to use that to grow their business.



This was something I had always known about since I was young, but that wasn’t enough. As a Christian, I always tell other people who ask me about God, I say “Knowing about God and knowing God are two very different things. About a year ago, I met someone who taught me about how important it was to pay things forward.


If some of you do not know what I mean, I’m talking about helping other people. My computer teacher does this a lot and I admire that about him. Every time he does something for me, he always ends with “Remember to pay it forward”. So after taking this into practice, I cannot remember the last time I was bothered about not having something, I just did my best to help people in any way I could.


How does helping people relate to my blogging life? I met a blogger recently and when no other blogger would help me with advice about my blog, she did. I was looking to join a Pinterest group board, and this was very important to me because I needed people to see my content. She helped me get into a group and she still helps me out with advice and tips today.


So if you are a new blogger and need some help, you can always this person, her facebook name is Tanyi Melvis Bechemny and you can check out her blog here, she is a very helpful person. You can also message me on social media, I will link my social media accounts below. So please, in whatever you do, always help other people regardless of them ever doing the same for you.


So thank you reading, those are some things that I thought to share for new bloggers and other people that might have the same issues.


Please share this if this has helped you or if you know someone that needs this.


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